Watch & Talk, resident, Zürich Theatre Spektakle, Switzerland, Aug 2019

Die In, movement facilitator, SG Climate Rally, Hong Lim Park, Singapore, Sept 2019

Ngopi by P7:1SMA, performer, Goyang Karawang Festival, West Java, Indonesia, Sept 2019

Garden Gathering, movement facilitator, Hong Kong, Nov 2019

Cassettes 100 by Jose Macéda, performer, National Gallery, Singapore, Nov 2019

Cleaned by Gary Ross, performer, Singapore Art Museum Biennale, Singapore, Nov 2019

Horatio, choreographer, Dance Film + Documentary, Channel News Asia, Digital, Dec 2019

Selected works - portfolio, April 2019


Luna(s) at Off Stage by Zunnur Zhafirah M1 Contact Contemporary Festival, July 16-17 2019, T.H.E Dance Company Studio, Singapore

Luna(s) a performance through the vessels of two women exploring the Tantra method of Soul Gazing. Performed by Chloe Chotrani and Lyn Hanis.


Miss British, Esplanade - Theatre by the Bay, April 4-7 2019, Singapore

Who is Miss British? Is she the person wearing the crown or the one wearing the shackles? The person travelling first class or the one being trafficked? Miss British may be a poem; a movement; a song. She may be the mother of three and the sister of one; the lover of many, and the soon-to-be bride. Miss British is everywhere, in everyone. She is a story of servitude and repetition.

Based on an original idea by Sharon Frese, Miss British is a piece that excavates the prejudices and social hierarchies left behind by colonialism across the planet. Combining theatre, dance, and video installation, the piece is a voyage across the oceans of our shared pasts.

Devised by the The Art of Strangers in collaboration with Sharon Frese, Kalaiselvi Grace, Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai, Loo Zihan, Adrian Tan, Chan Silei, Riduan Zalani, and Chloe Chotrani. Director Felipe Cervera


Symposium | Indent: The Body and The Performative, November 2018, New Delhi, India

Talking Third Circle is a work-in-progress solo that is an embodiment of a hybrid identity, explored through a rhythmic percussive pulsing of the body in relationship to the land by movement artist Chloe Chotrani. This will be present at Indent: The Body and The Performative, hosted by Gati Dance.

This is made possible with the support of the National Arts Council, Singapore.

Indent programme here.

Spread over four days, the symposium INDENT collates practices and ideas that enable, expand, and cluster around current notions of the body in performance, through a programme of talks, performances and work-in-progress sharings. It also marks the launch of Gati’s eponymous annual journal, Indent: The Body and The Performative, a digital publication which in its first edition examines the ways in which the body demonstrates and deploys strategies of resistance, throwing up fresh questions about the relationship between the political and the aesthetic. The symposium also forms the backdrop for Indent Lab, a workshop and laboratory space that begins to consider what the act of writing adds up to in the tactile and febrile landscape of the digital interface.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 9.54.38 AM.png

Stagings. Soundings. Readings. Free Jazz II: Re-Collections by Alexandra Pirici, NTU-Centre for Contemporary Art, November 2018, Singapore

Alexandra Pirici’s choreography explores the possibility of collectively assembling memories of human and non-human presence on the planet. The performative exercise remediates, materialises, repeats, hybridises, mutates, amplifies and re-signifies the following natural elements, art-historical references, memories or sensations.


XHE by Daniel Kok and Miho Shimizu, October 2018, Singapore/Australia

“… A presence that is light, omnipresent, and necessary to sustain the spectacular performing body. Chotrani in particular, with a practice she refers to as focused on “studies of softness”, worked in the background to prepare for Kok and Tymiński’s outbursts of spectacular movement... Her contingent body is in a constant state of preparedness, hovering always slightly above the ground between landing and taking off.” — Loo Zihan for Arts Equator “XHE”: Caught Between a Square and Octopus by Arts Equator


"Bukit Brown Index #132: Triptych of the Unseen" by Post-Museum at The Substation, August 21 - September 23, 2018

Triptych of the Unseen (三聯九回腸) is the latest work in Post-Museum’s Bukit Brown Index series. A virtual reality installation, this work features 3 characters (Ghost, Bureaucrat and Activist), who will present various perspectives on the on-going dialogue on the development of Bukit Brown. 


Brazilipinas with SAMBA Imperatriz Filipinese, Manila, Philippines, August 2018

Annual sharing of Brazil and the Philippines.


Pallavi with Stillness, Esplanade Theatre Studio, July 2018

Review - Pallavi with Stillness seductive and intriguing by Five Lines Asia

"The piece evolves into a wild and flirtatious stamping rhythm and the ensemble gathers in a composition that spins 360 degrees while the bodies continually shift positions and capture the empty spaces left in between one another, but what really stands out in this instant is the mass movement more so than the intricate small detail, like a human-helix spiraling down in the deep ocean. It’s magical." - Ezekiel Oliveira


KEMAS at the Esplanade Concourse, July 2018

KEMAS - translated loosely in English, means ‘tidy'. It is customary before festive seasons, that people and their houses do some spring cleaning.

Exploring meticulous behaviour & everyday chores, this roving piece brings new life to the spaces in Esplanade.

Come kemas with the dancers from P7:1SMA in this piece, suitable for families and children!



Dance Omi 2017 Artist Residency, OMI International Arts Center, New York 2017

The Dance Omi International Dance Collective brought together eleven accomplished dance artists from around the world for three weeks of creative exchange. Though the program focuses on a facilitated process of experimentation and cross cultural collaboration.


Tectonic Remains, TOPAZ Art Gallery, Queens, New York, 2016

“Hosted by Topaz Art Gallery, Tectonic Remains – a collaborative work by visual artist Leeroy New, movement artist Chloe Chotrani and composer Yasuno Miyauchi. The sharing took place on Friday, October. 7, 2016 at at TOPAZ ARTS in Woodside, Queens, NY.”


Seen and Unseen, Storm King, New York, 2017

A short film directed and performed by designer Yoko Murakami and dancer Chloe Chotrani, music composed by Chatori Shimizu. Seen and Unseen uses minimalism to portray the space in between sentences and the silent moments during a conversation. Nature, sculpture and bodies create intimacy and tension.


Silence is Noise, ROOM SALON in Willamsburg, New York 2017

Silence is Noise was a performance installation by movement artists Chloe Chotrani and Yoko Murakami, composer Chatori Shimizu and hair artist Takeo Suzuki. They explored the hair salon as a space of shedding old ways and recreating oneself. Guests were welcome to experience the salon as a cross-cultural, creative and social venue. The performance occurred in short excerpts throughout the evening.


Three Boroughs, FLOW17 Festival at Randall's Island, New York, 2016

The Randall’s Island Park Alliance and the Bronx Museum of the Arts present FLOW.16 Festival at Randall’s Island Park, New York City. Three Boroughs was conceived by sculptor Tracie Hervy. On Saturday Sept 17th, five choreographers presented movement work inspired by Three Boroughs. Choreographer, Chloe Chotrani framed the movements with Tracie’s piece by utilizing structured improvisation and movement mapping.


Black Dance Forms: Resistance and Engagement, Ecole Des Sables, Senegal, West Africa 2015

26 dancers from around the world came together at Ecole Des Sables. For six weeks they learned traditional West African dance forms, co-choreographed together and responded to media and articles touching on race relations and topics of resistance through black dance forms.


Freestyle Battle, Metro Manila, 2014

Againts Krumper Switch. One of many battles in the street dance community.