current, 2018

 dance film work in progress by Chloe Chotrani and Byb Bibene, at the Valley of Fire in Nevada, 2017

dance film work in progress by Chloe Chotrani and Byb Bibene, at the Valley of Fire in Nevada, 2017

Artist in Resident at Dance Nucleus, Elements, Singapore, Jan - Jun 2018

Tackling the topic of "Postcolonial Tactics"


By way of soft, to confront the cultural amnesia that has erased historical stories of when the womb/women were the central focus of power in society. Growing up in what is defined as the third world; discourse on identity is inherently a struggle to tackle as a social and artistic practice. The postcolonial subject and perspective comes from the South, the below, the subaltern, the minority, the fringes. Embodied tactics will be developed from the gut, the belly and source of soft as a creative power to be explored through collective conversations, performance making and furious dancing.


selected, 2012-2017

Dance Omi 2017 Artist Residency, OMI International Arts Center, New York 2017

The Dance Omi International Dance Collective brought together eleven accomplished dance artists from around the world for three weeks of creative exchange. Though the program focuses on a facilitated process of experimentation and cross cultural collaboration.

Talking Circles, Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, New York, 2017

Talking Circles is about embodied cyclical ways of living 

“Celebration of the feminine, which felt particularly healing at this point.” – Eva Schmidt, Visual Artist, New York
“The sense of you luxuriating in your body, really enjoying the movement, the real sense of deriving a kinesthetic pleasure in what you are doing, that was communicated strongly.” – Bilquis Hijjas, Contemporary Dance Producer, Malaysia“The kinesthetic awareness was also happening in your face, in your gaze, your gaze would go from hard to soft. How you wanted us to see you and through how you see us.” – Laura Atwell, Artist in Residence, Movement Research, New York

Tectonic Remains, TOPAZ Art Gallery, Queens, New York, 2016

“TOPAZ ARTS is pleased to host Tectonic Remains – a collaborative working by visual artist Leeroy New, movement artist Chloe Chotrani and composer Yasuno Miyauchi. The informal showing will took place on Friday, October. 7, 2016 at at TOPAZ ARTS in Woodside, Queens, NY.”

Silence is Noise, ROOM SALON in Willamsburg, New York 2017

Silence is Noise was a performance installation by movement artists Chloe Chotrani and Yoko Murakami, composer Chatori Shimizu and hair artist Takeo Suzuki. They explored the hair salon as a space of shedding old ways and recreating oneself. Guests were welcome to experience the salon as a cross-cultural, creative and social venue. The performance occurred in short excerpts throughout the evening.

Three Boroughs, FLOW17 Festival at Randall's Island, New York, 2016

The Randall’s Island Park Alliance and the Bronx Museum of the Arts present FLOW.16 Festival at Randall’s Island Park, New York City. Three Boroughs was conceived by sculptor Tracie Hervy. On Saturday Sept 17th, five choreographers presented movement work inspired by Three Boroughs. Choreographer, Chloe Chotrani framed the movements with Tracie’s piece by utilizing structured improvisation and movement mapping.

Black Dance Forms: Resistance and Engagement, Ecole Des Sables, Senegal, West Africa 2015

26 dancers from around the world came together at Ecole Des Sables. For six weeks they learned traditional West African dance forms, co-choreographed together and responded to media and articles touching on race relations and topics of resistance through black dance forms.

Freestyle Battle, Metro Manila, 2014


The Call Out Battle, Metro Manila, 2014

Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival, Puerto Galera, Philippines 2012