Seen and Unseen, directed by Yoko Murakami and Chloe Chotrani, New York, 2017

Silence is Noise showcased the release of Seen and Unseen, a dance short film directed by Yoko Murakami and Chloe Chotrani, music composed by Chatori Shimizu. Seen and Unseen uses minimalism to portray the space in between sentences and the silent moments during a conversation. Nature, sculpture and bodies create intimacy and tension. The scenes of the film are snippets of memories, full of vivid sensations and lasting visuals.

Teaser: Tectonic Remains, directed by Chloe Chotrani, New York, 2016

Rehearsal for Unfair and Lovely, New York, 2016

Tributary, directed by Leeroy New and Chloe Chotrani, New York, 2016

Tectonic Remains showcased the release of Tributary, a dance short film directed by Leeroy New and Chloe Chotrani. Tributary references from communities of color in various urban environments. Exploring the radiant and warm eminence of cultural peculiarities, emphasizing the communal nature of humans that assist us with everyday obstacles, restrictions and limitations.

Mercurial Brown Body, directed by Chloe Chotrani and Tarish Zamors

This piece was created based on the poem Sufi Sestina by Sasha Aurora (PK/UK). In collaboration with Sabar percussionist N'deye Seck at the global residency Black Dance Forms, Ecole Des Sables, Senegal, West Africa. The poem was deciphered into a percussive pattern and the movements were created based the Acogny technique, codified modern dance based on African folk-lore. 

Distant Early Warning (DEW), directed by Judd Figueroa and Chloe Chotrani, Manila PH, 2016

In collaboration with musician Allan Malabanan known as Lustbass and bassist of Filipino band Chocolate Grass. Movement was translated into soundscapes as dialogue between bassist and dancer. 

Without Being Asked, directed by Inshallah Montero and Chloe Chotrani, Manila, PH, 2016

Without Being Asked builds on the present relationship between the drummer, dancer and filmmaker. The common ground with dance and drum being rhythmic patterns, as seen in our inner pulses and daily routines.