Chloe C. Chotrani is a movement artist and writer based in Singapore.

Chloe has developed a unique amalgamation of diversified dance forms, by working from a place of deep curiosity. She has been pro-active in the street hip-hop scene in Manila since 2004, starting her journey by giving up ballet for breaking. After nine years of hip-hop, in 2013 she travelled and learned different forms of dance around the world from West Africa, to New York, and Singapore.

Currently, she performs on a project basis for Odissi contemporary dance company Chowk, and Malay contemporary dance company P7:1SMA in Singapore. She has performed internationally with Legit Status Philippines, B Supreme London, Omi International Dance Collective, Evidence Dance Community and Movement Research in New York. She was a dance artist-scholar with Romançon Dance Company of De La Salle–Benilde in Manila and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Asian Art from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. 

As a writer, she reviews dance performances for regional arts publication Arts Equator and writes for an archive of Southeast Asian performing artists Talking Circles. Her embodied artistic practice and research is centered on the power of softness. When she's not dancing or writing, she is tending to plants in the garden.

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