Chloe Calderon Chotrani (b. 1992, Metro Manila) is an artist, writer and arts manager based in Singapore/Asia. She works with the belief that our creative intelligence should be deeper integrated with society.

Her recent performative work Talking Circles explores the inner bodily landscape of heritage and history. Chloe’s movement is constantly based on a cyclic way of living and communicating. Talking Circles has expanded into a digital archive of artists from Southeast Asia. As a form of both research and ritual, she has a dialogue with a local artist and publishes it weekly, as an archival practice. Her enchantment with Southeast Asia as a cultural powerhouse is based on our Asian culture of collectivism. She believes that Asia holds a global model that promotes engagement instead of isolation and acts as a seed of hope for humanity.

Chloe uses movement to question society. Working as a dancer and choreographer for seven years has provided her with foundational transferable skills of interpersonal communication on a visceral and kinesthetic level of awareness. She is interested in how these skills may permeate through her continuing interdisciplinary research on topics of eco-feminism, decolonization and ancestry as a Filipina culture bearer artist of the Diaspora.